About Us

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Mackay Cubbie House Child Care and Educational Centre is a locally owned and operated Centre.  The Centre’s Approved Provider (owner) is Maryann  Harrigan who established the Centre in 1997 and continues to nurture it’s growth.

Mackay Cubbie House Child Care & Educational Centre has been developed to ensure:

  • High quality, developmentally appropriate care, education and services for families with young children.
  • Professional support for early childhood employees within the Service.
  • Advocacy for young children and their families.

About the Owners

Prior to being the Approved Provider of Mackay Cubbie House I worked at another local child care centre. When the centre I worked at became available for sale, it sparked an interest in owning my own child care business. Unfortunately, the centre I worked at was out of my budget.

Not to be disheartened, I approached many real estate agents looking for someone to invest in a Centre. Finally, I found someone at the last agent I visited. There was someone who was looking to build a Centre and I was looking to run one. Bliss!

The first Director was flown from Townsville and opened our Centre in 1997 at 52% capacity. Within six months of operation, the Centre was full.

Over the life of the Centre, we have continued to nurture its growth. We are proud to have many long serving staff on board our team. Three have been with us for over 10 years and around half of the remaining staff have been here for at least five years or more – a rarity in the child care industry!

Mackay Cubbie House Child Care and Educational Centre is highly recommended in the local community. Our advertising is largely done by word of mouth.